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Bindki is a town in Fatehpur Distric. Bindki is located at 26.03 North & 86.6 East. It has an average elevation of 125 meters (410) feet. As of 2001 India census, Bindki had a population of 34,197. Males consitute 53 % of the population and female 47%. Bindki has an average literacy rateof 64%, Higher than the national average of 59.9% with mail literacy of 70% and fenale literacy of 58% , 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.
Education point of view  in Bindki One Digree Collage for Girls only and 3 Inter collage One for Girls and two for Boys, there are two Libraries Nagarpalika Library and Sohan Lal Drivedi Library  Bindki market is famous for grains.
Maa Jwala Mandir, Kailash Mandir & Kali Ji Ka mandir are famous temple in Bindki.

This is motherland of Martyr Jodha Singh Ataiya, Martyr Dariyaw Singh and many other freedom fighters & renowned hindi poet Rashtrakavi Sohan Lal Dwivedi . In this site, we have tried our best to give you full introduction of this town & it's heros........

The modern Fatehpur has been divided in three sub-divisions:-

1. Fatehpur
2. Bindki
3. Khaga

At the lower level, the district has been further sub divided into thirteen "Development Blocks" & six Urban/Town areas :-

Development Blocks

1. Airaya

2. Amauli

3. Asothar

4. Bahua 

5. Bhitaura  

6. Deomai  

7. Dhata
8. Haswa 

9. Hathgam

10. Khajuha

11. Malwan

12. Teliyani

13. Vijayipur  

How to Reach Bindki

By Bus    : Take bus form (Jhakarkati Bus Stand) Kanpur and take the Bus whose follow the rout Kanpur - Banda Road via Bindki Road.
By Train : The nearest railway station is Bindki Road Lal Qila Express, Toofan Express, Janta Express & Two Local Trains have stoped in this station.
By Air   :Chakeri Airport (Kanpur) is the nearest airport to reach Bindki.

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